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At Exhibition Venues, we help people select the perfect exhibition venues in Bristol, derby and beyond. We also have plenty of experience helping people select the ideal location for their event. It isn’t as easy as simply looking at a budget. Securing the ideal location requires forethought and planning.

Before you book your next meeting space, consider the following.

Make Sure the Destination Matches Your Needs

Think about your attendees. Will they feel more comfortable in expensive cities or somewhere with a bit of rural charm? We help people find the best exhibition venues in Derby and other similarly charming cities, and for many, these destinations are the perfect fit. Spend some time thinking about the reason for your meeting and then compare that to your destination. Is peace and quiet better than lots of foot traffic? Imagine what they need and then secure a destination accordingly.

Consider Accommodations

Do a bit of searching to see where they nearest hotels are and then inquire about pricing and availability. If possible, ask to block off a section of rooms specifically for your attendees to guarantee they have the option to stay there if needed. Also, make sure it isn’t too far from the event location to ensure they have plenty of time to arrive promptly.

Safety & Parking

One of the biggest concerns many people come to us with is safety. When selecting an exhibition venue in Derby, it is important to consider the area around the venue and if that may put attendees at risk. Ask if the location is safe enough for people to be walking alone after dark. Parking too is critical. If attendees will be driving to and from the event, inquire about parking options to make sure there is room for everyone.

Is Transportation a Concern?

In a similar vein, is transportation likely to be a concern with the venue you selected? Will individuals have to take the rail or train to get to the destination? If so, you might want to reconsider. Anything that makes your event a hassle to get to is likely to reduce the number of people who attend.

If you’re looking for exhibition venues in Bristol or exhibition venues in Derby, we can help you narrow down your options using information from this quick checklist.

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