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As a free venue finder agency, we have contacts in a wide variety of venues throughout the UK. From time to time, however, we find it interesting to explore what exhibition venues are available in other parts of the world.

We’re familiar with the available London exhibition venues, but wanted to share with you how expectations can certainly be different in other locations in the world.

Let’s take a minute or two to check out some of the best exhibition venues in the world with today’s post.

Hannover Messegelande, Hannover, Germany

The name of this exhibition venue is “Messegelande” which means “Fairground” in German. The venue dates back to 1947 when the British military occupied Germany and was looking for new ways to build commerce. It was integrated with the public transport infrastructure and underwent remodeling in the late 90’s before a massive expo was planned for the space. Messegelande spans some 496,000 square-metres, making it one of the largest in the world.

Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando is an award-winning convention centre. Positioned in downtown orange county, the event space has easy access to infrastructure and transportation, especially since it’s only 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport. The center has some 2.1 million-square-feet of space, two massive general assembly areas, three full-service restaurants, three business centres, wireless mobility and onsite parking for over 6,000 vehicles. There are two facilities that make up the center, but it nonetheless is striking.

National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

The National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China is a uniquely designed building. The four-leaf clover shaped building is an icon of international exhibition and venue space. It is said to be the biggest in the world coming in at 500,000 square-metres, even though some 100,000 of that is located outdoors. The venue now plays an important role in global commerce in China.

Vancouver Convention Center, Canada

The Vancouver Convention Center is in downtown Vancouver, and has some of the most stunning waterfront views of any location we’ve run across as an exhibition venues agency. Premium customer service, advanced technical abilities, and amazing banqueting, this is a convention center everyone likes. It has some 471,000 square-feet of exhibit space and has a sustainable design and a six-acre living roof that doubles as a marine habitat.

Whether you’re looking for London exhibition venues or just stopped by for our list, we hope you’ll consider Exhibition Venues to be your free venue agency the next time you need to book an event.

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