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Negotiating Contracts for Exhibition VenuesNegotiating contracts with a venue is likely you’re least favorite aspect of hiring exhibition venues. If you don’t read the fine print carefully, you could even end up in a deal you didn’t agree to.

There are several negotiating areas to be on the lookout for:

Cancellation Fees

What happens if you have to cancel your event? Many UK exhibition venues charge an astronomical cancellation fee. Make sure you fully understand what the venue charges in the event of a cancellation. Is it 50% or can you expect to pay the full amount? If you don’t see the fee in the contract, ask for a separate document that spells out any potential cancellation fees.

Time, Date and Rates

Your contract should include the exact details of your event. The date, time and rates should be spelled out in plain English on your contract. If it’s unclear on the contract, then ask for a rewrite. Those items must be listed or you could end up with the wrong reservation. Furthermore, it’s safe to assume that anything that isn’t in the document will cost extra, so read carefully.

Analyze Contract Changes

During the negotiations, it’s possible that you’ll have to send the contract back to the proprietor for review. If, prior to sending it back to them, you sign the contract it is a binding legal document. That means that if you’ve made changes to it the other side has to resign agreeing to those terms. If they don’t, you could end up paying far more than you had planned for services offered.

As an exhibition venue finder agency in the UK, we offer expert negotiation assistance along with Free venue finding services. We’ve been involved in countless negotiations, and helped our clients get the results and prices they were looking for.

If you’re in need of helping finding the best UK exhibition venues, please contact our team today.

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