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Do's and Don'ts For an Exhibition Venues

Exhibition venues in London provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to easily collect information to make powerful leads and contacts. Despite their effectiveness, it’s ultimately up to you to make the event a success. With that in mind, we’ve developed a few Do’s and Don’ts for creating a fruitful event using the best convention venues in the UK.


  • Look at the booking list to see who’ll be at the exhibit. Before committing to an exhibit, make sure your competitors won’t be flooding the market. Otherwise your potential customers will have too many choices and you could end up overlooked.
  • Be creative. Ponder creative ways to grab the attention of passersby. Even if you have a few competitors nearby your exhibition, if you create an attractive and fun stand more customer’s will be attracted to your event giving you the edge over the competition. Think big and get interactive. This is another aspect to consider when selecting exhibition venues in Birmingham.
  • Train your staff. Get your team excited about the event at hand. You might even consider involving them in the selection process for exhibition venues in Cardiff. Be sure to communicate that eating, drinking, and talking on the phone while running your stand is unacceptable.


  • Make assumptions. Instead of assuming the event will go a certain way, plan far ahead to ensure it’s a success. Assumptions can cause last minute panic as soon as you arrive at the exhibit.
  • Waste your time. If someone tells you they aren’t interested in your product or exhibit, believe them. Don’t waste time trying to convince people they should buy what you’re selling.
  • Hesitate to negotiate with event organisers. When you’re booking exhibition venues in London, don’t hold back your needs and desires for the event. If the event organisers are being difficult, keep at it. You’ll be surprised by how willing they are to negotiate when you threaten to take your business elsewhere.

Use this list of Do’s and Don’ts to guarantee a successful exhibition, and if you’re looking for the best exhibition venues in Birmingham, London, or Manchester consider using our services. We’ll happily help make it even more successful.

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