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Looking for Exhibition Venues in BirminghamThinking about hosting your own exhibition? Have you had trouble securing the best convention venues in the UK, and want to make the most of it this go around?

If you’re looking for exhibition venues in Manchester, Derby or London the first step is to know what the best in the business know: location is everything.

Attendees don’t want to go out of their way to find your exhibition and certainly aren’t interested in travelling across the city to look at your products. So how can you pull together a strategy where everyone wins?

We’d like to help you out. Take a look at a few of our suggestions below to secure the best exhibition venues in Derby or throughout the UK.

Ask about Marketing Opportunities

Second to location, an exhibition venue that also provides exceptional opportunities for marketing, is essential. The entire purpose to holding an exhibition or convention is to increase brand awareness. The venue you select should provide plenty of ad space, marketing outreach possibilities, and traffic.

Before you sign any venue contracts, ask what marketing opportunities are available through the space.

Inquire about Layout

Will you have the space you need for that oversized display? Can customers easily navigate your exhibit without stumbling or struggling to find what they’re looking for?

Request a floor plan blueprint of the exhibition venue to ensure you’re getting a space that benefits your business. Open floor plans that are easy to navigate, provide the best chance of your target audience to thoroughly absorb your exhibit.

Many exhibition venues in London aid in the setup of your event, which is extremely beneficial if you haven’t used the space before.

Will There Be Refreshments On Hand?

Regardless if you choose an exhibition venue in Manchester, Derby or London, it’s a good idea to ask about potential refreshments.

If your exhibit requires visitors to sit with you for a good while, then free refreshments are nearly a must have. Inquire if the event space provides that option and if it is an extra fee for you.

The best convention venues in the UK offer all of the above listed suggestions. With our years of experience in the exhibition industry, we realize it can be difficult to keep these things in mind. Contact our team if you’re looking for an exhibition venue in London or beyond.

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